Essentials – The Bath Pillow


Be prepared, this is where the meaning of Essential gets a little hazy – if I hadn’t already lost you at pineapple earrings, that is. I struggled with this purchase as it feels SO indulgent / actually a bit ridiculous. But the whole point of a bath is it’s meant to be relaxing. I mean, you’ve run it, dumped in half a bottle of smelly stuff and lit an overpriced candle, so why ruin it by gingerly resting your head on hard cold porcelain? So I succumbed and bought a bath pillow, and I suggest you do it too. After reading many, many reviews one long, sleepless night, I plumped for this one. I don’t think I’ve found the perfect one yet – it’s a tiny bit scratchy, it does fall down occasionally and it’s blue – but for now it ups the bath experience to a 9. So I’ll take that. Buy yours here.

6 thoughts on “Essentials – The Bath Pillow

  1. Wow going to get one it’s so true you make all the effort and then lay there awkwardly with your head on a rock hard bath tub pretending you are so relaxed with the forced atmosphere around you 😂😂


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