Essentials – The Trousers


Having always been a dresses / skirt person I can’t say I fully understand trousers. After living in skinny jeans before I was 21 I didn’t really wear them again for a decade, and had no idea how to go about it – do people still even wear skinny jeans?? After the flattering, floaty silhouette of a skirt, trousers made me feel so exposed.. and fat. Cos came to the answer, as Cos tends to do when well-cut basics are required. The trick is finding a cut that suits you. Skinny – sadly no longer. Wide – haven’t dared try it yet. Bootcut – reminds me of being 15. I do, however, like cropped, as I think a bit of exposed ankle between leg and shoe is very becoming. The ones I found are tailored, straight- leg; not too tight or too buoyant. Unfortunately, they’re wool, but luckily although it’s almost August I can still wear them (thanks British summer). They’re not quite these, but they’re similar. Enjoy – it’s a revelation.

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