Essentials – The Leggings


As with skirts, so with leggings. There may be a bit of a zoological theme going on, thanks to my last post, but I couldn’t not mention these leggings. You know those days when you just want to look a bit mad – jogging bottoms will not cut it, but you still want to wear something comfy that won’t make you feel You’ve Given Up On Life? No, just me? It’s probably a working from home thing. Anyway, I digress. The leopard print leggings I yearned were for actually this gorgeous pair from Mar Mar Copenhagen, which I have already bought for both my girls (although none of us will ever wear them at the same time . . that’s my only house rule). I was about to say they were ridiculously expensive and I couldn’t justify the cost, but actually this website has them for half the price of the other lovely boutique where I first saw them. I ended up settling for something ridiculous, but now I’m thinking should I…? I’m not the only one who can see the huge difference between the two, am I? AM I??

2 thoughts on “Essentials – The Leggings

  1. This is well written! Love OT this month too..just arrived!

    Hope you’re all well and Dory had another good day and Pearly too…

    Loving my new cookery books…


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