Essentials – The Stair Rods


Look away now if this is too dull for you, but ever since I was a little girl I have dreamt of one thing – stair rods. They’re just so unnecessary and.. totally pointless. But they do look good and there’s something Victorian-esque about them which really appeals. In full on crazy nesting mode last month, I finally went for it, replacing the rough stair carpet we got when we moved in with super-soft grey with a black border. I also ordered these beautiful antique brass stair rods from here. Compared to the carpet, they weren’t terrible.. OK, probably a bit over-priced – plus factor in £8 per rod for fitting (is this a fair price? I have no idea) and it does add up. But hey, I work all hours and it’s not like we have anything important in our lives I should be spending my money on. And every single time I see them – about 100 times a day – I smile. And that’s priceless (no, that’s £400).

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