Essentials – the kids’ tech

In our determination to combat the flow of princesses and pink which has proved unrelenting since our oldest daughter got her own mind (annoying when that happens) we’ve embraced everything that’s – well, not that. All in the interests of healthy balance, of course. My ears perked up, then, when we were sent this kit to try (we only ever try things we are genuinely interested in, which turns out to be, well, not a lot). It’s from Tech Will Save Us, who I’ve been a fan of for ages; I have bought lots of their stuff in the past as presents for my husband. This new kit, though, is for 4+ and appeals to the adventurer in Dory thanks to it’s superhero theme. I was worried it wouldn’t keep her attention for long, but she spent a good hour experimenting with PlayDoh, electricity currents and superhero sounds. It’s a great introduction to circuits and is reassuringly educational, making me feel better about the mindless Netflix Boss Baby marathon (you didn’t know?? Check it out) which had come before it. Anyway, it’s a lovely present to buy inquisitive young ones, although it does start many many questions about electricity which I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to answer. If you want an easy way to get your kids into tech, here is your answer. Even better, you can get 10% off until Sunday if you enter code electro10 at the checkout – see here.

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