Essentials – The baby food


Weaning – it’s a tricky old business. I think back to when I first started and cringe at the cocky new mother I was. My child ate EVERYTHING. Gagging is totally normal guys, jeez don’t PANIC. Aw your child won’t eat avocado chai seed sprouting lentils? *pitying face* you probably didn’t get to them early enough – shame.

    Anyway, reality came and smacked me in the face, as reality tends to do. Feeding babies is easy peasy. Well, it’s not, but compared to feeding a toddler it’s . . not a walk in the park, but maybe a gentle jog in the village green. Still tranquil and lovely, but you may break a bit of a sweat. Feeding toddlers is a whole different ball game, as I’m sure most of you know. They’ve developed opinions (irritating) and the baby food they previously loved (I mean like five minutes ago) is suddenly repulsive. I’ve resorted to feeding my girls the same three or four meals, and I really needed a way out. So when Sainsbury’s approached me chatting about their new Little Ones range – delicious organic baby food, basically – I was all ears, genuinely hoping I could find something new.

     Their range is extensive, and includes baby first food and up from there, but it’s the 1+ I zoned in on. To be honest, while it sounds fab – think chicken katsu curry, Thai chicken noodles, butternut squash risotto, fish pie – it did make me slightly uneasy. Pearl has developed an annoying aversion to things that touch, so how she’d cope with any of this made me nervous about how honest I could be. Anyway, she loved it, and so shocked was I, I filmed the whole thing to bore some poor souls on my Stories. Honestly, she ate it all. I’ve been trying to put my finger on why she loved the pasta bolognese (her favourite) when she won’t touch mine, and I can only think because it’s different. There’s a nutritionist and a team behind these recipes, who for years have been trialing and putting their all into every single one, and I hardly think my toddler would be the first fussy one they’ve come across. They’re healthy, balanced, no crap, and they get some nutrients into her little body as well as encouraging her to try new things. I have three little girls under five and a freelance job and some nights I can barely say my own name (mummy, right?) never mind think what to cook, and it’s on these nights I’ll be putting one of these in the oven. So thanks Sainsbury’s, this may have started as an #ad but it will genuinely make my life easier, and I’m allll about that. Click here to buy.

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