The essentials: wipes

I honestly don’t know how I would have survived without wipes for the last six years. For every nappy explosion, paint disaster, runny nose, rotting fruit picker-upper, they’ve been there. If I had to cite only one parenting essential, that would be it – no contest. 

That’s why I was thrilled to hear my go-to brand, Huggies, are taking steps to be a little kinder to the environment with their Huggies Tiniest Footprint campaign. In five years, they will be transitioning to a fully sustainable baby wipe and packaging – this is obviously huge!

Even now, their wipes have up to 50% less plastic than other leading brands – that’s the equivalent of 63 bottles a year, the amount you will reduce your plastic usage by if you make the switch. 

So, what now? If you would like to discover the small changes you can make which will add up to a very big one, get involved here And, even better, WIN a month’s supply of wipes for yourself – see my latest Instagram post for details. 

You can find the full Ts&Cs for the competition here.

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